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My little ideas for a Final Fantasy VII sequel
I've been replaying my favourite game of all time; Final Fantasy VII. I replay it every few years because I ...
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Happy New Year
'Hey Kay, you're late New Year started weeks ago'. Well, not for me it didn't. I've had a freakin' weird ...
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My Raspberry Pi Weekend
Extended weekend really. I spent my four days off this week without too much to do, but I felt super ...
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New York adventures!
Terry and I finally got ourselves back to New York city! It's hard to believe the last time we visited ...
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Useful Swift and Xcode learning resources
A few months ago I completely fried my brain writing an app in Swift. Prior to beginning to write it ...
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How to mod Don't Starve on a Mac
I wrote this tutorial a while ago but things have since stopped working and tools I previously used are now ...
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The rad time I had at WordCamp Dublin 2017
34SP.com were sponsoring Dublin's first WordCamp which took place over the last weekend. The WordPress team specifically couldn't all attend ...
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Adventures at WordCamp Edinburgh
So the WordPress team wandered up to Edinburgh over the weekend. Myself, Keith, Tim and Siobhan got the train up ...
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Art Dump - Uh, May and June?
I've been really bad being enthused to blog lately. I'm not sure why. I think it's because I've got SO ...
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IVAN & What makes 'Roguelikes' fun
Roguelikes are a sub-genre of RPG games. They are typically dungeon based, with either ASCII style graphics or very simple ...
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