The darkest sock story you ever heard

Okay, so… I am like, crying with laughter right now. 
I’m working on a new project, which I’m not ready to show to the world yet. But it involves socks. I needed some blog articles about socks, so, because I was feeling lazy I went over to to pay some strangers a few quid to scribble up some 300 word posts.
What I requested, was an article about two watermelon themed socks. One pair of socks was striped with watermelon print, and the other is a copy and paste watermelon print. I wanted an article that compares the two socks so people could decide which they liked best.
And wow, this article? I can’t tell if it’s spam, genuine or some weird combo of both. But read this! Er, warning, it gets a little upsetting in the middle. 

Obviously this is the most epic sock story you have ever heard. And you’re damn right I paid this writer and tipped them. Maybe a little dark for my tastes, I might edit the ending to have the socks become friends again?
I also learned a lesson in not being lazy and writing my own content. LOL.
I love the internet.

Author: Kay

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