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The Organ Trail – Awesome Zombie Survival Game

the organ trail

the organ trail

This morning I saw a post on Facebook about an old C64 game called ‘The Oregon Trail’, which immediately took my interest because it reminded me of a game called The Wild Bunch; which is one of my favourite old games. I was unable to get hold of the original game online but I found a flash version of the game and had a little go. It was entertaining.

But then I discovered that there was a zombie survival spoof of this classic game available for my iPhone. Holy crap I have only just got off the game after downloading it this morning!

The Organ Trail is one of the best iOS Games

I decided to name the characters in the game after my closest friends. The game starts with you naming your team of zombie survivalists and the aim is to get to a safe haven without dying. Your journey is filled with dangers and you have to fight zombie hoards and avoid getting infected.

The traveling scenes are great and they are what really reminds me of The Wild Bunch. There are a ton of different random events that can happen which can easily cost the lives of your team mates.

There are mini-game like events during your journey where you have to make hard decisions and sacrifices. If you manage to get all five of your team members to the end of the road you’ll have done a really good job.

You have several different supplies to keep on top of, such as fuel for your car, food and scraps for repairs. If you run out of any of these items you may have to scavenge for them which means fighting off zombies whilst picking up the rations you can find.

organ trail

One particular scene which amused me was a mini-game event where I had the choice of saving my friend Carl by shooting his attacker or giving the attacker a ton of my food supplies. The scene where I had to shoot the guy was really entertaining because you only get one shot and if you miss you may shoot your comrade.

As you can see I was lucky enough to get the guy and save Carl. This is just one of the great events this game offers. If you can’t get enough of the game already there is also an expansion pack available with a ton of extra events and features.

The game has a social aspect as well where if you die you get to write a personal message of a tomb stone; this stone of yours can then appear in anyone else’s game on the iPhone. You may even jump out of the grave as a zombie in another person’s game!

So far I managed to complete the game with three characters alive. But I’ll definitely be trying again!

All in all The Organ Trail is really addictive, amusing and has much more depth in game play than you would expect. I definitely recommend it.

You can play The Organ Trail here.

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Retro Game Review: The Wild Bunch (1984)

wild bunch

wild bunch

The Wild Bunch (1984)

I first played The Wild Bunch when I was a very young child. My aunt and uncle had a Sinclair Spectrum and at the time is was hosting the best games out there. I was particularly drawn to The Wild Bunch because of its Western Cowboy theme.

The basic aim of the game is your main character has been framed by a member of ‘The Wild Bunch’ a gang of outlaws. To clear your name you have to catch all five members of The Wild Bunch whilst avoiding the Sheriff or else he will arrest you and it will be game over.

The game has a simple outlay of five locations and you travel between them trying to find the members of The Wild Bunch. Each time you arrive at a location there is a one-in-five chance that the Sheriff will be there so getting a game over is really easy. Luckily you can get telegraphs in each location to tip you off about where the Sheriff is travelling to but with money being hard to come by in the game you can not always rely on this option.

To make money in the game you can play poker in the Saloon or find treasure on your travels. I personally would recommend buying a horse and doing some travelling between nearby locations in order to hopefully find some gold before heading out to the mountains or the vast desert.

My favourite thing about old Spectrum games is that the graphics are incredibly limited. They run on the most advanced graphic card of all; your imagination. Whilst travelling between locations you have no pictures. Just text which outlines random events turn by turn. You can find a gold nugget in one turn, and be attacked by a vicious vulture on the next.

Then when you arrive at your location the aim of the game comes into play. You visit the saloon; and having taken down your notes about The Wild Bunch you manage to find them one by one in the local saloon. You have two options, challenge them to a gunfight or hopefully take them in with no conflict.

The game in incredibly challenging to finish, but because it is such an easy and enjoyable short game to play you find yourself constantly wanting to play again and foil the plans of the infamous Wild Bunch!