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My Favourite Reactions to #FF7Gate

It’s been twelve hours since I found out Final Fantasy VII is having a Playstation 4 release… Of the port version. So naturally everyone I know has heard my rant by now. The Playstation Experience event on the whole felt like a joke to me, there were so many bad re-releases, indie games and ports it honestly made the Playstation 4 look like some kind of emulator as opposed to a real, valid console. Anyway…

For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, this genius announcement of Square’s went a little something like this:

The entire announcement felt so much like a deliberate troll even I, with all my skepticism, am wondering if they did this as some sort of joke before they made a real announcement. Honestly, I feel like a Final Fantasy VII sequel is totally within the realm of possibility. I don’t feel the same about a full remake anymore, sadly.

Anyway, there were some amazing reactions to this news. Here are some of my favourites:

#FF7Gate Reactions


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So I Finally Played Lightning Returns


I’ve been reluctant to play Lightning Returns; mostly because like so many other Square Enix fans I can’t stand Lightning as a character and found Final Fantasy XIII to be easily the worst of the main series.

That said; Final Fantasy XIII has it’s moments. I feel like each of the three games had it’s major highlight. For the original Final Fantasy XIII, I found that the section of the game where Cocoon was going to crash into Pulse was a fantastic and exciting concept, it was just a shame it was a glimmer in an otherwise sea of impossible storylines and boring gameplay.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 was genuinely not a bad game. The gameplay and monster recruitment was entertaining and Serah and Noel were characters I really enjoyed. The lack of Lightning in this game really helped. But it’s hard to get past the fact that 500 years had passed and half the characters had aged something like ten years, whilst others hadn’t at all, and there was no explanation for this.

Lightning Returns

Lightning Returns started off awful for me, more unexplained aging (or de-aging as the case may be, seriously why was Hope a kid again?) and the battle gameplay was horrific. I saw that IGN credited Lightning Returns for it’s gameplay, but dear lord, I literally could not enjoy the battles. They were uncharacteristic of an RPG, and most of the time the battles were pointless. If your EP was full there was literally no reason not to run past every monster. Shocking stuff.

Lightning Returns managed to grab me through select part¬† of the storyline; mostly the scene where Lightning saves Snow. It was weird that I loved this scene so much since Snow may be the only character in Final Fantasy XIII worse than Lightning. Snow had somehow managed to make himself less of an idiot and they really toned down his overuse of the word ‘Hero’. Thank goodness. The rest of the storyline was… Fine, but the real perk of the game was the genuinely enjoyable ending. The ending, whilst it didn’t explain a whole lot about the black holes in the Final Fantasy XIII series; I did enjoy the whole battling against a God phase, and after spending the first half of the game hating Lumina – finding out why she was in the game was a really good plot line and felt reminiscent of the good old Final Fantasy days.

I won’t lie though; I am glad Final Fantasy XIII is over. It was a project stretched way too far, with some of the least memorable characters in the series history and the storyline was so poorly structured a five year old could have come up with something more consistent and compelling.

Lightning Returns