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My little ideas for a Final Fantasy VII sequel

I’ve been replaying my favourite game of all time; Final Fantasy VII. I replay it every few years because I just get to a point where I miss being told the story. That might sound weird? But Final Fantasy VII is my all-time favourite story ever.

I’m excited as heck for the remake of it, but I also really hope that one day Square do a Final Fantasy VII sequel. Not in the same vein as the Final Fantasy X or XIII sequels, but more of a completely full and brand new Final Fantasy game, just set in the same world as VII.

Being the loser fan that I am, I have some ideas of how I think it should go, and I just want to talk about my ideas for a potential Final Fantasy VII sequel.

The setting

In my head the best time for a Final Fantasy VII sequel to take place is around 15-ish years after the original game? Cloud and the gang would be fairly older, but it’s enough time for the events of VII to have changed the world enough that we get to see what life is like after meteor.

We could see how the world handles electricity now, would there be electricity? If so – how do they get it now? I’d assume mako is out of the question, but we’ll get to this in the story bit later.

Playable characters

I’d steer clear of using the same cast as the original Final Fantasy VII. They’ve been through enough, okay? Instead, I would like to see new characters take the spotlight, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be characters we already know?

How about Marlene as the main character? Barnet’s daughter takes up the role of narrator in the Advent Children movie, she’s clever, and she’s someone the fans know and like. 

Marlene’s companions would include adoptive brother Denzel from the Advent Children move, and because we want characters from more places than just Midgar we could also bring Priscilla in the mix. Priscilla would be bound to have some badass Dolphin-blow like move.

If any Final Fantasy VII characters were going to be playable characters, it makes sense for Red XIII to be – his age-span means he wouldn’t really be much older at all 15 years later, and he has unfinished story from the first game. Where did he find others of his kind to make those cute little wolf kids we see in the ‘500 years later’ part? Maybe a Final Fantasy VII sequel could answer that!

The story

If there was a Final Fantasy VII sequel, I really wouldn’t want another Sephiroth/Jenova based story. I’d want new heroes and new villains.

Having Marlene and Denzel around for story-telling purposes would be great, because they are both orphans and don’t really know anything about their parents. Marlene could find out about Dyne when they visit the Corel area. Who knows where Denzel comes from?

In terms of a ‘main villain’ and real threat, I’m not too sure, but thinking about what we know from the end of Final Fantasy VII and Advent children – Sephiroth had a big following, someone crazy, but new could easily show up.

Are those monsters in Mt Nibel’s reactor still there? What if they got out, or someone set them lose? And their mako poisoning created some kind of zombie effect. I’m just spitballing ideas now, but there’s potential in the world Final Fantasy VII left behind. 

Other little ideas

It’s my assumption that the Final Fantasy VII world is pretty much in darkness for a while after the first game because mako was used to power anything electric. The original game was filled with messages about being green and the environment, so I think the sequel would still focus on some similar morals. 

I think older characters, like Cid and Barret might be working together on renewable energy, I mean, that map has a LOT of water. 

Gold saucer would still exist, and either be totally screwed because of the electricity situation, or if that wasn’t a factor it would be thriving, depending on which; the area would either have exactly the same mini games or brand new fancy ones. 

The WEAPON monsters should make an appearance, but in Final Fantasy VII they only appear when the planet is under threat, so how would they show up? Maybe this bad guy I can’t think of wants to find them, wake them up and destroy the planet that way? That’d be pretty bad-ass.

The Highwind would still be in use, because why would the characters travel in anything else? 

I think I’m out of my ideas now, I was just playing along and coming up with ideas for a new game whilst I played. I’ll probably rush back to add more as I progress!

TL;DR – Final Fantasy VII needs an awesome sequel. I don’t know if many fans would like my ideas, in fact, someone actually has a lot of the opposite ideas to me. But give their post a read too for some other ideas!

And finally, a link to my favourite blog article about my favourite game, just because fellow fans should really read it. 

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My Favourite Reactions to #FF7Gate

It’s been twelve hours since I found out Final Fantasy VII is having a Playstation 4 release… Of the port version. So naturally everyone I know has heard my rant by now. The Playstation Experience event on the whole felt like a joke to me, there were so many bad re-releases, indie games and ports it honestly made the Playstation 4 look like some kind of emulator as opposed to a real, valid console. Anyway…

For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, this genius announcement of Square’s went a little something like this:

The entire announcement felt so much like a deliberate troll even I, with all my skepticism, am wondering if they did this as some sort of joke before they made a real announcement. Honestly, I feel like a Final Fantasy VII sequel is totally within the realm of possibility. I don’t feel the same about a full remake anymore, sadly.

Anyway, there were some amazing reactions to this news. Here are some of my favourites:

#FF7Gate Reactions


Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 13.10.54 Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 13.10.39 Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 13.07.39 Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 13.08.57 Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 13.08.00 Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 13.10.21 Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 13.08.28

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Kay’s Top 10 Retro iPhone Games

Because these are all over the internets. I’m always searching Google for blogs listing old school games which are now out for the iPhone. I’m going to suggest my favourites here, and some of them I am yet to see featured on other blogs so hopefully I will help someone find a new game to download here.

Top 10 Retro iPhone Games

10. Alone in The Dark

Alone in The Dark - iPhone

Alone in The Dark is a classic game from my childhood; as messed up as that seems. I really enjoy the series so I felt it needed to be added here. the only downside to it is the awful controls – which has always been an issue for the series. For 69p on the App Store though, this classic horror game is definitely worth a download.

9. Another World


Admittedly, I was a bigger fan of the sequel to this game back in the day; Flashback. But Another World is a great side scrolling shooter game. It’s quite difficult to finish, but give it a try.


8. Chrono Trigger

ct05The disappointing fact here is that Chrono Trigger should be in the top three iPhone games here. The amazing classic is let down by poorly calibrated controls and tendency to crash. But if you remember to save your game at every opportunity you can enjoy this amazing classic. It is one of the few Square Enix ports where they haven’t ruined the game with half-assed sprite redraws.

7. Little Big Adventure

Little Big Adventure

Little Big Adventure was really popular in my house growing up. We had both games in the series for the Playstation and the PC. I was really pleased to see this classic adventure game make its way onto iOS. Download it. Download it now!

6. Dizzy – Prince of The Yolkfolk

Dizzy iPhoneI’ve always been a big fan of the Dizzy series for Spectrum. I downloaded the iPhone port of The Prince of The Yolkfolk instantly when I saw it hit the iPhone App Store. The only thing that lets it down for me are the revamped graphics (I love keeping classic games to their original graphics, it’s part of their charm!), and they made in significantly easier to finish. No three lives and then it’s over this time. Still, an absolute classic.

5. Mickey Mouse’s Castle of Illusion

Castle-of-Illusion-iOS-619x346Okay, I know I bitch about graphic revamps. But this game is the exception. Disney did a fantastic job remaking Castle of Illusion, and it still holds it’s Mega Drive difficulty and they have remade it in a way that you still feel like you are playing the same classic game. This is new to the App Store this week! I also recommend the XBox 360 port in all it’s HD goodness.

4. Sonic The Hedgehog 2

01-620xSonic was so huge in my house that I can literally play Sonic 2 so well that I jump before monsters even appear on screen – I just know the maps so well. I’ve finished the entire of Sonic 2 in well under an hour. It’s the best of the entire Sonic series and a must have on any iPhone, great for killing time on those long bus journeys.

3. Final Fantasy Tactics

final_fantasy_tactics_ios-1Harsh but fair – Most Final Fantasy ports for the iPhone suck. The shoddy graphic replacements and terrible controls really ruin some of my favourite games ever. Final Fantasy VI doesn’t even make this list because of how bad the port was; it’s a real shame. The exception to the rule is Final Fantasy Tactics. This classic Playstation game seems to suit the platform so well; I think it’s because unlike normal RPGs, this tactical piece of awesome is the kind of game you can pick up and leave for a while. Having a quick skirmish during your commute works well here, and I chose this as it is also one of my favourite games in the Final Fantasy series. It also has an amazing HD iPad port.

2. Secret of Mana

Secret of Mana iPhoneSecret of Mana is my second favourite game of all time. I was flitting between this and the number one title the entire time I wrote this article. Secret of Mana is well ported, the controls aren’t great but I have managed to complete the iPhone port just fine. It’s one of the best classic RPG games ever and a must have for fans of the genre. It has an epic storyline too.

1. Broken Sword – The Shadow of The Templars

image0111111Broken Sword is another game I grew up with and one of my favourite game series of all time. I think the reason this is my number one retro game for iPhone is how well the point and click adventure genre translates to the handheld mobile platform. Point and Click adventure games arguably have no place in the current generation of gaming, but it’s the perfect game for your iPhone. The story is engaging, well written and exciting. There are a few Broken Sword games available for the iPhone but Shadow of The Templars is my personal favourite. Get them all though, totally worth it.