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WordCamp Manchester 2016

Wapuu parting at Manchester WordCamp

So I’m feeling pretty restless after that episode of The Walking Dead so why not blog about the awesome weekend I had? This weekend the 34SPeeps went to WordCamp Manchester, and boy did we do it full force!

The day started with Siobhan and Dav picking up Terry and me. Most of the gang were already there – we weren’t late were we? I think we rolled up just on time at 8am, and quickly helped out with the unpacking.

We had some ace swag as always – trendy t-shirts, notepads and stickers. This time the stickers were Manchester themed! Noel Gallagherpuu FTW!

This WordCamp felt like a big deal for me personally, because it was the first WordCamp I spoke at, as well as being the last one of the year and the home one. I really wanted it to go well.

And I’m fairly sure it did! Keith and I did our talk ‘The White Screen of Death – A Tech Support Tale’ and I’ve had some really nice comments after the talk and on Twitter. Everything during feels blurry now because I was nervous, but I’m totes grateful to everyone who came to watch as well as our ever-awesome, supportive colleagues. I’ll throw the slides up in a section on my site soon.

Battling the WSOD

Dank came for the first time, as did Pete, they enjoyed what they saw, so I’m glad about that. Terry and Dav also got their hands on our spare tickets and were super helpful in Tweeting and helping set up and unpack the stand and stuff, despite not being part of the work crew it’s nice to have them around showing their support.

34SPeaker Pride

Joe and Phil were utter legends and mustered up the courage to talk that day! Both of them did a Lightning Talk – Joe gave a humorous talk on customer service and he importance of error logs. Phil gave a quick talk on preparing your site for a surge in traffic. It’s ace that the guys were feeling inspired on the day and it got a lot of people Tweeting and chatting to us.

Tim also gave a very topical talk on DDOS attacks – what they are and why everyone was talking about them that weekend. There’s something menacing about the way he spoke to cheerily next to a ‘We’re all doomed!’ Slide.

I spoke to some awesome people, colleagues, clients and other people in the community. Maybe messed up the notebook display on the Bytemark stand… It’s okay, me and Mike are cool.

Phil giving his talk on traffic surges.

Wapuu was there too! He had a great time! Especially when modelling the umbrellas WordCamp Manchester had provided the crowd with!

Aside from the great talks my colleagues did, I went to some really interesting one. Dave Green’s talk on coding standards was a highlight – especially as I’m just getting into properly coding plugins, it’s good to know there’s a preferred method which I need to learn more on.

Jonny A’s talk on coding menus was also great for that reason. I think I picked my talks very much on my current interest in coding with WordPress – despite being a novice compared to these guys. One talk I wish I had seen was Carolyn’s. But I was in too much of a tizz worrying about messing up my own talk around that time so I look forward to catching her on!

The organisers were great, particularly Tom’s reassurance before we went to give our talk. Oh and the food and after-party was top notch!

I never really know what to say about the events other than ‘YAY I had a great time!’ – so yeah. I did. I’m always on a high after these things because I feel more unified with my team and junk. I’] even looking forward to talking again!

Team hug!

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September Art Dumpage

So I realised I’m naming my art dumps incorrectly, since I drew most of this throughout August. But I’m going to ignore that fact and just carry on. šŸ˜ August was great for drawing! Because I only drew for myself. Lulz. Uh, yeah, I’m working on some stuff for stories I’ve written with DCL buddies and I’m also making some keyring of My AlbinoToons characters. So here’s some art from all that fun stuff!



Firstly, dragons! I drew my own characters, from the top and then left to right: Arbor, Coral, Xar and Flux. Flux’s face looks so stupid, so I’m not a big fan of that one. But still, yay dragons! I’ve also been working on more Wapuu stickers but they’re not ready to be shown yet. As I said I’m working on keyrings – I’ve got five different designs to finish up but I’m pretty happy with Greg and Lewis from my Instagram comic so far:

I’m still debating ordering them in black and white to match the comic but idk, I think they’ll look better in colour. What else is new? Oh! I’m talking at WPLeeds, potentially Manchester (though I need to chase that up) and then WordCamp Manchester next month. Yeah, so I went from not having the balls to public speak to somehow volunteering to do it three times. Smart move Kay, well done. I’m gonna be talking with Keith at Leeds and WordCamp Manchester so I’m sure we’ll do fine. Yeah. I’m not crapping myself at all.

In other creative news I’ve startedĀ makingĀ Christmas cards. Apparently it’s been enough years since the last time I did that to forget how stressful it was haha. They’re coming along nicely, but I don’t want to post any designs until later in the year.

I’m booking Las Vegas next month as well! YEAH. Life is sweet.

Oh one final thing I wanted to plug my friend Claire’s new website. Well, it’s new in the sense that I only found out last month about it. She’s an amazing illustrator and her dragons are so badass, check her stuff out here.



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Sloths and Sunday Roasts in Manchester

This weekend was a pretty lazy one. But I wanted to take the opportunity to plug a local bar. Terry and I went looking for a sunday roast last night, and we ended up in Kosmonaut. Admittedly, Kosmonaut was not our first choice, but after Bakerie was shut we decided to make our way further down the Northern Quarter of Manchester. We’ve never ate our for Sunday lunch in town before so I can’t say if Bakerie would have been better or not, but Kosmonaut’s sunday roast will take some beating!

kosmonaut sunday roast

Sunday Roasts in Manchester

For Ā£12 you get a giant yorkshire pudding, your choice of meat (chicken or beef), veg, mash and roast potatoes, topped up with a mini pie to compliment the meal. Images don’t do the meal justice as I feel it looks like a bit of a small plate for a Sunday roast, but it is definitely enough to fill you up. The meat and the pies were cooked perfectly. I really can’t wait to go again! Along with a pint of Asahi Beer the meal cost us around Ā£32; which I consider a good price to feed two in Manchester centre.

Aside from the epicness that was Sunday dinner I didn’t get up to much. Terry, Steph and I are going to London next weekend so there will be photos coming up about that!

Also, I bought Terry a Sloth. He’s had this huge sloth obsession since the feature Animal Planet did a little while ago. We’re hoping to see the one at London Zoo next week. Here is his sloth; her name is Priscilla:

Priscilla The Sloth