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Art Dumpage – February

Blogging is fun! I’ve been telling people that loads lately – so I should do it more. I never know what to write about over these art blog posts. I do look up like… Things to blog about, but they’re like boring personal chess things usually so never mind. I need a new geeky project that I can talk about. I will think on that.

Anyway, art:

I’m really pleased with that first drawing, that lion has been drawn a bunch of times now. The creepy rabbit was just me playing, and then there’s obligatory Digimon fan art because the new episodes were released a few weeks ago.

I did a half decent watercolour image last month, it’s only a trading card size dragon, but the glitter and junk makes it look pretty nifty. Also wallpapers because I was psyched over the fabric print I got recently. I’ve drew some Wapuu stuff recently for work and Wordcamp Manchester but that’s all to be posted after stuff is public at said events.



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September Art Dumpage

So I realised I’m naming my art dumps incorrectly, since I drew most of this throughout August. But I’m going to ignore that fact and just carry on. šŸ˜ August was great for drawing! Because I only drew for myself. Lulz. Uh, yeah, I’m working on some stuff for stories I’ve written with DCL buddies and I’m also making some keyring of My AlbinoToons characters. So here’s some art from all that fun stuff!



Firstly, dragons! I drew my own characters, from the top and then left to right: Arbor, Coral, Xar and Flux. Flux’s face looks so stupid, so I’m not a big fan of that one. But still, yay dragons! I’ve also been working on more Wapuu stickers but they’re not ready to be shown yet. As I said I’m working on keyrings – I’ve got five different designs to finish up but I’m pretty happy with Greg and Lewis from my Instagram comic so far:

I’m still debating ordering them in black and white to match the comic but idk, I think they’ll look better in colour. What else is new? Oh! I’m talking at WPLeeds, potentially Manchester (though I need to chase that up) and then WordCamp Manchester next month. Yeah, so I went from not having the balls to public speak to somehow volunteering to do it three times. Smart move Kay, well done. I’m gonna be talking with Keith at Leeds and WordCamp Manchester so I’m sure we’ll do fine. Yeah. I’m not crapping myself at all.

In other creative news I’ve startedĀ makingĀ Christmas cards. Apparently it’s been enough years since the last time I did that to forget how stressful it was haha. They’re coming along nicely, but I don’t want to post any designs until later in the year.

I’m booking Las Vegas next month as well! YEAH. Life is sweet.

Oh one final thing I wanted to plug my friend Claire’s new website. Well, it’s new in the sense that I only found out last month about it. She’s an amazing illustrator and her dragons are so badass, check her stuff out here.



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July Art Dump

I totally thought I had more art to show off this month, clearly not! However there is one image I’ve been working on most of the month and I’m… Well, pleased enough with it. It’s one of those where you work on something so long you lose interest, but here it is:




Last year I started scribbling down drafts for a NaNoRiMo story, but I hadn’t ironed out enough details last year to go ahead and write it. This year I think I have the main points outlined. The story is based around German folklore. It’s about a young boy who’s kidnapped by goblins and taken into the forest, but he never makes it that far and ends up meeting a white wolf, who thinks the child is a prophecised wolf cub (because of his pyjamas) prince.

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 15.12.45

June was actually a crazy month, I need to blog about Siobhan’s wedding really soon!