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Art Dump – March/April

I have no idea what’s been wrong with me lately but I’ve been really… Unenthused about blogging. Which is lame, so here’s a belated art blog.

I have a lot of new art, which I’ll add to my gallery pages but here’s some stuff to show off anyhow:

The next few doodles are little cartoons I’m trying to find something to do with. I’m back doing AlbinoToons quite frequently, but I have these other colourful characters I want to pimp out. I basically just wanna tell really weird/dumb stories with them, and Instagram would be great from an art social network aspect, but I probably wanna throw a fair amount of text per image. So I’m trying to find a good way to do that, anyway, doodles:

I’ve got a bunch other blogs to post too, mostly holiday stuff. So keeping it short and sweet. Laters!




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Art Dumpage – February

Blogging is fun! I’ve been telling people that loads lately – so I should do it more. I never know what to write about over these art blog posts. I do look up like… Things to blog about, but they’re like boring personal chess things usually so never mind. I need a new geeky project that I can talk about. I will think on that.

Anyway, art:

I’m really pleased with that first drawing, that lion has been drawn a bunch of times now. The creepy rabbit was just me playing, and then there’s obligatory Digimon fan art because the new episodes were released a few weeks ago.

I did a half decent watercolour image last month, it’s only a trading card size dragon, but the glitter and junk makes it look pretty nifty. Also wallpapers because I was psyched over the fabric print I got recently. I’ve drew some Wapuu stuff recently for work and Wordcamp Manchester but that’s all to be posted after stuff is public at said events.



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January’s Art Dump

I’m taking a break from making slides (I’m talking at MWUG this week, woot!) to dump some art. I got a fancy-pants new laptop over the weekend so I’m all psyched to use it! It like, runs Photoshop AND OTHER PROGRAMS. At the same time. Wow. Yeah this upgrade was overdue.

Anyway, drawings.

Oh, so not much to show really, I thought I’d done more than this. Anyway I’m pleased with both pieces, the unicorn print I got put onto fabric looks great. Val from Terry’s office is going to make a laptop case out of it for me.

The last drawing I only did yesterday. Claire is drawing a picture of Flux for me, so I wanted to make an up-to-date picture of him myself. I usually draw him too fat so I’m pleased he finally has an accurate picture.

I also changed my site layout, after looking for themes which didn’t require a horrendous amount of work to make look good. It’s a tad girly right now so I’ll change the wallpaper image when I have something a little more dragon than unicorn?

What else is new? Uhh, I’m debating getting an iPad Pro, not soon but I’d like some sort of portable tablet I can draw well on. I’ve got Vegas at the end of next month, and we’re currently trying to book The Killers for London later this year. Fun music times. 

Right, time to carry on making slides, laters!