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All those belated blog posts!

Okay so I have a lot of images on my mobile, and I like to keep it pretty neat and tidy. The way I do that is by uploading images into blog posts, Twitter posts and Evernote. I have a gallery of images which I’ve been saving to write blogs about. It’s been so long for some of these I have decided to pump them out into one master post right now. These are just little fun days/interesting things which have happened to me recently, well, recently being in the past five months or so.

First of all, the amazing day which was Siobhan and Dav’s wedding. These two are like two of mine and Terry’s best friends and their wedding day was just the best and happiest day of the year. We were looking forward to it for ages and everyone had a really great time! A bunch of people from the office came down to enjoy drinks and celebrate with the happy couple. Some of my highlights included the beautiful meal, all of us dancing like losers (techies don’t dance!) and me desperately trying not to sink in the wet mud wearing high heels.

Here are a collection of photos from the day which have been sitting on my phone, thanks for making us part of your special day, guys!

What else? Oh, in work related outing news Tim, Keith and I travelled up to WordPress Cumbria a little while back. It was a nice little networking event where Tim gave a talk about security and we had pizza and shared some stories and expertise from the community. Cumbria was beautiful as well! Here’s a couple of pictures from that!

And last but not least, Terry and I went to Disneyland! Now I did have every intention of making a feature blog post on this as it was two weeks of holiday time and there were plenty of interesting things to do and see. But truth be told, whilst it was an amazing holiday we were feeling drained after how unnecessarily organised and stressful the trip was. We were held to a schedule which saw us get up at 7.30am every morning for two weeks, go to a park, come back for lunch, then return to the same park! Not a clue why we couldn’t just rest and stay at the park all day.

That was one of about a million issues with the company we had and I’ve never had such a stressful holiday in my life. But! Rather than rant about everything that happened, let’s talk about the good things! Disneyland was amazing, so well themed. The light show at Cinderella’s castle was incredible, and massively inspiring to creative types. We went to the Magical Kingdom, Epcot and Animal Kingdom, went on some amazing rides and visited a bunch of water parks.

My favourite theme park were the Magic Kingdom and by far the best water park was Typhoon Lagoon – it had rubber ring rollercoaster type slides which were just so much fun! I met Chip ‘n’ Dale and Cruella Deville, bought a giant Stitch plush and commissioned Disney Artwork from a professional artist!

We also went to Universal Studios, again the same stressful timetable salted the second week, but we did go on some amazing rides, particularly at Harry Potter’s Hogsmeade. There were two rollercoasters themed as dragons and they were so fast and did topsy-turny twists. Terry bought a chocolate frog, and The Simpsons world was great. We saw Blue Man Group which was also really good. Here’s a selection of images from that holiday too!

Okay I think that’s everything I wanted to write about for a while, and it’s allowed me to put a bunch of images away into storage now. Hurray! I am actually kinda sad right now because I don’t have anything huge booked any time soon in terms of holidays/weddings. That said there are plans to book Las Vegas soon! Hopefully I’ll have something interesting to blog until then!


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Quarterly life blog post type thing

I force myself to write personal blogs because I used to write them weekly when I was a teenager. Granted, teenage life is so much more exciting than late twenty life. That said, this year is about to get super exciting next week.

Firstly I have Chicago next week with the DCL crew. It’s our first big meet up, which sounds crazy when you consider that we’ve all been friends for around 14 years. But with the gang being dotted all over the world it isn’t the easiest thing to organise. I’m super excited. Most of us don’t find much time to write and draw together online anymore, so it’s going to be nice to see and spend time with everyone. Expect so many drawings, photos and blog posts on it.

I’m also going to Florida with Terry, Nath and Jo at the end of July. I know, two America holidays. Don’t worry, I’ve not been able to do anything for months from saving up and paying off these holidays haha. We’re going to Disneyland, it’s going to be incredible! I am genuinely worried that I will pack an entire suitcase with Disney toys though.

Also, and I apologise that nobody will hear me shut up about this game all year, but I pre-ordered my collectors edition of Final Fantasy XV last month. I haven’t blogged about the conference yet because I’ve just had way too many chaotic thoughts on EVERYTHING that got announced. The game is such a big deal for fans, I can’t even. It’s basically make or break for a dying franchise, but if it is going to be the last one, it looks like they’re pulling out all the stops for it.

I also got a 3DS finally, well, Terry got me one – he’s awesome. I’ve been back and fourth between wanting one every time a good new game comes out that I now have a back catalogue of about 20 must play games. I’ve started with the re-release of Pokemon Blue. I let Terry name my starter Pokemon; so now it’s me and Shelly the Squirrel all the way!

Work’s been rad lately, not that it ever isn’t really. It never feels totally like work when you’re surrounded by friends /corny. But we had an epic time at WordCamp London last month, and there are more exciting events and times ahead.

In other life news, I’ve become a slave to my Fitbit. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing but as I sit here and type I realise Mark is 1000 steps ahead of me on the weekend challenge and I must defeat him. Here are my stats from the last week. I need to tune up a little – less food and more steps. But I’m definitely more active than ever thanks to it. I even ran, like, outside. It was wild.

Screen Shot 2016-05-07 at 09.46.44