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DCL NYC 2018

Last month Terry and I went to New York, it was the second ‘official’ meet up for the DCL – the group of dragon fanatical friends I know/chat to from Neopets. We decided to try and do a meet up once every two years after the first one in Chicago. This time it was in New York. This is just a blog post so I can dump some pictures off my phone and talk about the rad time we had.

Chicago / DCL Reunion 2016

So Terry and I went to Chicago over the last week to meet up with my DCL buddies. For those of you who don’t know that’s my Neopets/Fantasy writing group friends. We don’t really play or write much anymore but when we do it’s all about dragons and crap. We decided to have a meet up January last year and it finally came around. Also I’ll be referring to a few of them using their online names, since that’s what I know them as