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July Art Dump

I totally thought I had more art to show off this month, clearly not! However there is one image I’ve been working on most of the month and I’m… Well, pleased enough with it. It’s one of those where you work on something so long you lose interest, but here it is:




Last year I started scribbling down drafts for a NaNoRiMo story, but I hadn’t ironed out enough details last year to go ahead and write it. This year I think I have the main points outlined. The story is based around German folklore. It’s about a young boy who’s kidnapped by goblins and taken into the forest, but he never makes it that far and ends up meeting a white wolf, who thinks the child is a prophecised wolf cub (because of his pyjamas) prince.

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 15.12.45

June was actually a crazy month, I need to blog about Siobhan’s wedding really soon!


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February Art Dump

This is super delayed. 😐 Whoops. I’ve been working on making the site more art focussed so it’s a bit of a mess currently. Here’s some art from the past month!




Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 00.08.53

This last piece I am SUPER pleased with, because I made it for work. It’s a Sticker Sheet for WordCamp London 2016. We’re going to have a great time seeing people dress up Wapuu! The stickers turned out perfect, Simon and I were worried the cuts wouldn’t be as on point as we needed to make a dress up sticker sheet. But the company that made them did such a good job. We were really impressed!

The company was called StickerEmUp, click for website.