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Art Blog: Character Profiles – Flux

Yay I drew a thing! I’m currently working on some new images of my cartoon characters for various websites I’m on. Here’s one of an old dragon character; Flux. Uh, if your computer has a dark resolution this really won’t show up well.


I’ve barely drew lately because a couple of months back I decided to post commissions on a forum a friend recommended to me. I actually got some good reception and made some decent extra dollah on commission requests. BUT I realised I freakin’ hate drawing for other people on a regular basis. I’m not sure if that sounds jerkish but I’ve not wanted to draw at all for the past month because it really puts me off when I create images I can’t really use.

I guess it was a good boost to me to have people take enough interest in my work to actually pay for some pictures. But I doubt I’ll do it again in the capacity I did a few months back. I was literally drawing five images a week and none were for me. Anyway rant over.

Nicole and I are doing a traditional art trade soon, which should be fun. She recently moved to New York so we’ve not been able to do it during her moving around. It’s always great receiving American post!

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Art Blog: Ellie

I’ve been drawing a lot during my days off so far! I’m pretty pleased with the results as well. I took more time than I usually do on both images, they are lined, with a layer of cell shading, a layer of soft shading and a highlight shade layer. Basically I just added two more extra layers of shading than I usually do.

The first image is of Benni; a tall dog who I decided is a young nephew of Greg from my AlbinoToons comic.

The second is of a little girl called Ellie, she made an appearance in my NanoWriMo stories and I’ve been struggling to draw her, because I never draw humans. She looks a little deformed and has the largest head ever, but I was looking at cartoon images of kids and found a style of human that I feel comfortable drawing. It kind of reminds me of a high quality version of my Ring of Fire cards. Anyway, here they are!


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Cockateil Griffin Character

Cockateil Griffin

I’ve had this concept in my head for ages, but after several attempts I was unable to design a Cockateil Griffin that I liked. Over the weekend I got sketching and finally come up with a design I’m fond of. I haven’t got around to naming the character yet but I will do.

I also drew him and coloured him in pencil crayons:

Cockateil Griffin Pencils

I actually prefer the pencil sketch in real life (the scan doesn’t do it justice). The Photoshop image does not have the yellow tips on the front legs, I missed them off in the Photoshop version thinking it would work without them but I actually prefer the original design and I will use that one in the future.