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Art Dump – December & New Year Stuffs

So I haven’t blogged for ages because life got crazy and serious, of which most of it I won’t go in to because it’s too personal even for a personal blog. But! Some happy stuff to post about:

  1. I moved to a new flat, and omgz I love it! It’s way warmer, cosier and on a much better side of town, also it has a fabric couch which is just ahhh so nice. 
  2. I’m selling stuff on my Etsy store, like people are actually buying keyring and junk, which is ace.
  3. Christmas and New Year were fairly good despite the personal stuff going on. We played a lot of ‘Heads Up’ over the holidays, with some hilarious outcomes. 

I don’t really do New Year’s Resolutions anymore, just because I can feel it myself that I don’t have the will to stick to anything new right now. Not that I’m one of those grumps who hate on people for trying to better themselves, nope, make all the resolutions! 

I’ve also drawn things, not loads of things lately but because I’ve been away from internet land for a while there’s a small back log. Here’s my drawings:

I think that’s it for now, I still need to rave about Final Fantasy XV but it’ll be such a long post I don’t feel up to writing just yet. HappyNew Year! Laters!


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Art Dump: March/April Sketches

My aim is usually to post an art dump once a month, but I’ve not really drawn much over the past month or so because I’ve been totes busy and having an awesome time. I have drawn some things though, however it’s all unfinished sketches. So I’m going to dump a bunch of sketches right here.

I got asked the other day why I tend to draw cartoons smoking and drinking so much. I think I enjoy the cheekiness of it, since Disney won’t do it anymore someone’s gotta give the bunnies their fixes. A bunch of these will eventually get posted as finished images, and there will be a helluva drawing dump after Chicago so expect many many dragon images. I’m so excited for Chicago.


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Cockateil Griffin Character

Cockateil Griffin

I’ve had this concept in my head for ages, but after several attempts I was unable to design a Cockateil Griffin that I liked. Over the weekend I got sketching and finally come up with a design I’m fond of. I haven’t got around to naming the character yet but I will do.

I also drew him and coloured him in pencil crayons:

Cockateil Griffin Pencils

I actually prefer the pencil sketch in real life (the scan doesn’t do it justice). The Photoshop image does not have the yellow tips on the front legs, I missed them off in the Photoshop version thinking it would work without them but I actually prefer the original design and I will use that one in the future.