For a while now I’ve wanted to separate my personal blog/art content with my techy code-dabbling geekery blog. As well as clean up and remove some old content altogether. 

Based on this, I found the easiest way to clean everything up was to back it up and start again. 

My plan of action is to rebuild as my personal blog and art portfolio only. I debated rebranding all that stuff but this domain name is the one I’ve had and posted art on forever so it felt weird to do it the other way round and turn this into the geeky blog.

Because I have a lot less tech content overall, I want to create a small, separate site to put all that stuff on. Just as soon as I find a domain name I like that isn’t taken. D:< 

I convinced myself rebuilding everything was a good reason because:

  1. I can no longer struggle finding themes that make so many different content types look nice. 
  2. Optimisation yo, because horribly bulky with leftover content from different projects and major site changes.
  3. Hey, I’m also using Gutenberg. I am in the future!
  4. I can now point people to a less confusing site. Artsy peeps can be linked here, and techy peeps can soon visit another, equally as clean site.

Author: Kay

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