Custom Character Wallpaper Tiles – Commissions


Custom digital artwork, a wallpaper tile featuring a character(s) of your choice.

Please fill in the below form before going to the checkout if you want to commission custom artwork. If you fail to choose filler items or background colours I will select something that suits the palette for you.



These are custom wallpaper tiles measuring 1500×1500 pixels at least. They can be resized to be smaller so you can fit the wallpaper to anything you see fit – be it desktop wallpapers, bandana or fabric prints or even Twitter banners.

These wallpaper tiles feature three to five chibi images of your character arranged to create a seamless tile affect when set to do so. They also include your choice of filler items and background colour.

What you get

When you order a custom character wallpaper tile you will receive a .zip file with the following contents:

  • The full sized wallpaper tile
  • The individual character images, full sized on a transparent background
  • An image showing the tiling effect for reference – feel free to make your own from the full size tile
  • An imagine showing the tiling effect on lower opacity – for a less intense wallpaper effect

Usage pictures

Wallpaper tiles are one of my more popular products, and I’ve been thrilled to see customers using them in a variety of ways. Here are some examples:

In use as a Twitter banner


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