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The darkest sock story you ever heard

Okay, so… I am like, crying with laughter right now. 

I’m working on a new project, which I’m not ready to show to the world yet. But it involves socks. I needed some blog articles about socks, so, because I was feeling lazy I went over to to pay some strangers a few quid to scribble up some 300 word posts.

What I requested, was an article about two watermelon themed socks. One pair of socks was striped with watermelon print, and the other is a copy and paste watermelon print. I wanted an article that compares the two socks so people could decide which they liked best.

And wow, this article? I can’t tell if it’s spam, genuine or some weird combo of both. But read this! Er, warning, it gets a little upsetting in the middle. 

Obviously this is the most epic sock story you have ever heard. And you’re damn right I paid this writer and tipped them. Maybe a little dark for my tastes, I might edit the ending to have the socks become friends again?

I also learned a lesson in not being lazy and writing my own content. LOL.

I love the internet.

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My little ideas for a Final Fantasy VII sequel

I’ve been replaying my favourite game of all time; Final Fantasy VII. I replay it every few years because I just get to a point where I miss being told the story. That might sound weird? But Final Fantasy VII is my all-time favourite story ever.

I’m excited as heck for the remake of it, but I also really hope that one day Square do a Final Fantasy VII sequel. Not in the same vein as the Final Fantasy X or XIII sequels, but more of a completely full and brand new Final Fantasy game, just set in the same world as VII.

Being the loser fan that I am, I have some ideas of how I think it should go, and I just want to talk about my ideas for a potential Final Fantasy VII sequel.

The setting

In my head the best time for a Final Fantasy VII sequel to take place is around 15-ish years after the original game? Cloud and the gang would be fairly older, but it’s enough time for the events of VII to have changed the world enough that we get to see what life is like after meteor.

We could see how the world handles electricity now, would there be electricity? If so – how do they get it now? I’d assume mako is out of the question, but we’ll get to this in the story bit later.

Playable characters

I’d steer clear of using the same cast as the original Final Fantasy VII. They’ve been through enough, okay? Instead, I would like to see new characters take the spotlight, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be characters we already know?

How about Marlene as the main character? Barnet’s daughter takes up the role of narrator in the Advent Children movie, she’s clever, and she’s someone the fans know and like. 

Marlene’s companions would include adoptive brother Denzel from the Advent Children move, and because we want characters from more places than just Midgar we could also bring Priscilla in the mix. Priscilla would be bound to have some badass Dolphin-blow like move.

If any Final Fantasy VII characters were going to be playable characters, it makes sense for Red XIII to be – his age-span means he wouldn’t really be much older at all 15 years later, and he has unfinished story from the first game. Where did he find others of his kind to make those cute little wolf kids we see in the ‘500 years later’ part? Maybe a Final Fantasy VII sequel could answer that!

The story

If there was a Final Fantasy VII sequel, I really wouldn’t want another Sephiroth/Jenova based story. I’d want new heroes and new villains.

Having Marlene and Denzel around for story-telling purposes would be great, because they are both orphans and don’t really know anything about their parents. Marlene could find out about Dyne when they visit the Corel area. Who knows where Denzel comes from?

In terms of a ‘main villain’ and real threat, I’m not too sure, but thinking about what we know from the end of Final Fantasy VII and Advent children – Sephiroth had a big following, someone crazy, but new could easily show up.

Are those monsters in Mt Nibel’s reactor still there? What if they got out, or someone set them lose? And their mako poisoning created some kind of zombie effect. I’m just spitballing ideas now, but there’s potential in the world Final Fantasy VII left behind. 

Other little ideas

It’s my assumption that the Final Fantasy VII world is pretty much in darkness for a while after the first game because mako was used to power anything electric. The original game was filled with messages about being green and the environment, so I think the sequel would still focus on some similar morals. 

I think older characters, like Cid and Barret might be working together on renewable energy, I mean, that map has a LOT of water. 

Gold saucer would still exist, and either be totally screwed because of the electricity situation, or if that wasn’t a factor it would be thriving, depending on which; the area would either have exactly the same mini games or brand new fancy ones. 

The WEAPON monsters should make an appearance, but in Final Fantasy VII they only appear when the planet is under threat, so how would they show up? Maybe this bad guy I can’t think of wants to find them, wake them up and destroy the planet that way? That’d be pretty bad-ass.

The Highwind would still be in use, because why would the characters travel in anything else? 

I think I’m out of my ideas now, I was just playing along and coming up with ideas for a new game whilst I played. I’ll probably rush back to add more as I progress!

TL;DR – Final Fantasy VII needs an awesome sequel. I don’t know if many fans would like my ideas, in fact, someone actually has a lot of the opposite ideas to me. But give their post a read too for some other ideas!

And finally, a link to my favourite blog article about my favourite game, just because fellow fans should really read it. 

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Happy New Year

‘Hey Kay, you’re late New Year started weeks ago’. Well, not for me it didn’t. I’ve had a freakin’ weird start to the year. I’ve been so incredibly ill over the holidays with some weird mutant flu. Like, I was up in the middle of the night with sore throats and coughs pretty much every day for a month.

The worst thing about being sick is it means I’ve had a month where I’ve literally done nothing, I’ve barely drawn, had briefer gaming sessions because voice chat was pain, and basically barely left the house. Honestly I can’t remember the last time I was so sick. On top of that our flat started falling apart with broken washers and fans (it wasn’t actually that bad or broken, but it was bad timing when we were sick) and some of my online friends having fights is actually the worst of the lot. So 

But, we’re starting to get over all that. Well, I’m better, flat is fixed and friends are… Hopefully getting there. So I can officially announce my 2018 had started.

On the agenda for this year I already have a bunch of holidays planned, well, the big one might get put back to next year because I totally want to go to Japan in October for my 30th, but if we can’t make it over comfortably by then, we might go in 2019 in April/May time which would be a nicer time to go anyway.

But things that are actually happening this year: DCL meet up 2018. The gang met up for the first time in Chicago 2016, and it was honestly the best holiday I’ve ever had. Most of the people there had met for the first time, despite us all having known each other since we were 12. This time we’re going to New York in June. We’ve already got the AirBNB picked out, we’re just waiting for confirmation that it’s booked then the rest of us can plan our way there.

I have a weekend in Wales with Terry and some of his work pals getting booked soon too, which should be fun. Terry did the same thing last year and it sounded really fun, so that’ll be good.  Smaller things I want to do include going to London again just because I love London and me and Dev have been trying hard to get Terry and Siobhan to spend a few days in the Lake District so we can go hill climbing. They hate the idea, but when summer comes back around we’ll be back on that.

I’ll also be attending WordCamps around the UK when I’m able to, I just need to finish my topics for this years talks. I was really pleased with my imagine optimisation talk by the end of last year so I’m hoping to find another topic I really enjoy covering and can cover in a similar depth. 

In non-travel stuff, I started drawing again after I got better, and churned out a few pictures I’m really pleased with:


The first image is of one of my own dragon characters, and the second is of one of my friend’s characters. I’ve been doing some doodles for the DCL group because they kept me happy and busy whilst I was poorly haha.

I don’t really have any resolutions this year, be healthier is one, but that’s off to a bad start. So yeah, none! No wait, yeah I do have one. I have a handful of half finished projects and if I say it’s a resolution I’ll feel bad if I don’t make a solid attempt at actually finishing some of them. To be worked on:

  • My buggy app needs to be debugged so it works properly.
  • I had what I think is a good story idea, so turning the nots into actual writing would be nice?
  • Pass your freakin’ exams Kay omg.
  • Finish my website, well, the design, the broken map and the links that go no where.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is supposedly out this year, let me double check how long I’ve been waiting for that game, wow, okay, 13 years since Kingdom Hearts 2 was out. I don’t think I realised it was quite that long. Square take way too long to release things. Expect me to be impossibly annoying on social media as that approaches though.

I really want to blog more too, I need to think of some junk to post here more. I’ll think about something that’s actually interesting at some point!