Kay’s making a plush toy

Well maybe sorta. This is a blog post about my new project, coming soon, to Kickstarter because this is hella expensive to sort.

Some of you might be familiar with my unicorn character. Her name is Positivity and she spreads super positive vibes to those around her. She’s features in a bunch of my drawings:

She’s one of my most popular characters in terms of what I sell (Keyrings, stickers, pins etc) and I found a manufacturer who was really pleasant to work with and they made her in to a plush! Here’s some images of the prototype I was happy with:

I’ve always wanted to do plush toys of my characters, so taking the first step towards that is super exciting/kinda terrifying. Because I’d like them to do well and there’s a lot of work and investment in them.

So! Around November time (date to be announced) I will be launching a Kickstarter campaign, which if successful, will allow me to have 500 units made. 

Plush specifications

  • 6 inches from head to tail
  • Firmly stuffed (Feels really nice quality)
  • Embroidered eyes, horn and marks on her back.
  • Sale price range is looking between the £10-£13 mark.

What I would love, is, if anyone is interested in supporting this venture, they can support me in the following ways and I would appreciate the heck out of it:

  • Back the Kickstarter when it happens
  • Share this post on social media
  • Share the Kickstarter link when I post it!

So even if you’re not psyched by the idea of buying a little pink and blue unicorn for yourself, sharing the project would make me super grateful.

If you want to be emailed when the Kickstart goes live, feel free to sign up to my mailing list using the site’s sidebar. Or just keep an eye on Twitter, because I’ll promote it there.

Thanks for reading!

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