How do you end the best series of all time? My Game of Thrones finale thoughts

Game of Thrones ended today! After eight years of watching I wanted to do a little ramble about my thoughts concerning what went down, what I liked and what didn’t meet my expectations?

SPOILERS AHEAD for the TV show and the books, so I can talk about all the possibilities this post will be filled with all the spoilers! Proceed with caution!

Overall thoughts on the final season

Game of Throne’s final season was let’s face it… Kind of a let down. We waited two years for it and there was very little pay off for so many stories. It felt like most of the conclusions they were leading up to were just kind of abandoned for the sake of not being predictable?

Which is fine, surprises and twists are great, but not when there’s no benefit to the twist and it ultimately results in a lot of story feeling like it was for nothing.

The good versus the bad of the final season

Things that were rad:

  • Arya defeating the Night King was pretty epic and unexpected. Despite crapping on all my theories.
  • Theon’s entire story was 10/10 perfect.
  • Jorah also died in exactly the way his character should have.
  • Very good cinematic despite weak writing.

Things that sucked hard:

  • The early defeat of the Night King – I wanted him to be a threat up until the final hour.
  • Cersei’s death. Seriously, most maddening thing. You kill the best villain off in the most dull way?
  • Golden Company = Pointless.
  • The entire Rhaegal kill and Missandei capture was full of plot holes it made so little sense.
  • Jaime screwing over Brienne and having no redemption made a lot of his story feel pointless.

My take on season 8

How do you end the best TV series of all time? Based on how it ended I can’t realistically call Game of Thrones ‘the best’, but it was very good up to a point. Everyone had their theories of how events should have unravelled, so I wanted to basically re-write the season in a series of bullet points to show what I believed would have been the better ending of the series:

Click here to see my episode breakdown!

Episode 1

So carrying on from the end of season 7, we would see the Night King and his army makes his way down towards Winterfell, nothing too special would happen in this episode, just some needed reunions not too unlike what actually happened in the show, and Jon would find out about his lineage.

Episode 2

This would be ‘The Battle for Winterfell’, and ultimately it is lost and only a few key characters manage to escape, and they flee to Dragonstone: Included in the survivors is the Starks, Dany, Tyrion, Jaime, maybe one or two second tier characters – Brienne and Tormund perhaps. But mostly this episode would have been the bloodbath we expected it to be. Jorah would have still gone out fighting for Dany.

Episode 3

This episode would be Cersei preparing for her own fight with the Night King and his army, Dany would likely find out about Jon in this episode and cause some tension and paranoia for her – that plus the loss of her army last episode beginning to plan the seeds of the mad queen story arc.

Episode 4

The beginning of an all out war. The white walkers versus Cersei’s golden company. Dany and Jon’s remaining forces would join the fight on Cersei’s side, because even though she betrayed them, they know the white walkers are the greater evil for mankind. Dany’s backup forces would come from those she left with Daario, and give us a reason to see him again.

The episode ends with the fight almost won, when someone, probably Theon, attacks the Night King to learn he can not be harmed by Valyrian steel. Dany and Jon try dragon fire to learn that is also useless. HOW DO WE KILL THIS GUY? Obviously Theon dies after learning his weapons are useless.

Episode 5

Jon and Dany regroup somewhere nearby or possibly fly back to Dragonstone in a panic. Wherever they end up Melisandre turns up. She explains the Azor Ahai prophecy to Jon and that he has to kill Dany to defeat the great evil. Obviously he’s NOT for that at all.

Cersei brings villagers into the red keep to prevent Dany’s attack now that she thinks the battle against the white walkers is almost won. Clegane bowl probably happens in this episode amongst all the other fighting, it’s basically a messy battle on three depleted sides. Cersei is mostly waiting it out but her side is picking off Jon and Dany’s team. Perhaps we lose Grey Worm and Missandei? Feeling helpless Dany does decide to toast King’s Landing, thus still fulfilling the mad queen of the ashes prophecy.

Episode 6

Dany goes all mad queen on King’s Landing, While Jon is making plans to face the Night King again. Dany destroys the city, and it acts as the push Jon needs to make him able to do the thing he needs to do. Meanwhile Euron kills Jaime and Arya then wears his face to kill Euron and Cersei – because that way all prophecies and story arcs make sense. Jon meets with Dany after the Night King resurrects all the fallen and it looks like there’s no possible way to win. Jon kills Dany while she’s screaming “Burn them all” just like her father before her. Jon’s sword begins to light up with flame – Light Bringer is forged and Jon becomes Azor Ahai reborn.

The final scenes are an epic Night King versus Jon battle. Jon ultimately wins the fight and does become king, but allows Sansa to continue to rule the north as an independent state.

Obviously I leave a bunch of characters out here but I just wanted to jot down my main plot points, this is everything I anticipated would happen.

Game of Thrones was an amazing series, but there’s a point it reached where the duty of telling a good story seemed to be lost to the idea of not giving a predictable ending. I don’t think that was the right decision, and Bran Stark is not my king.

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