Gaming Stats

  • Games list: Video Games List
  • Current consoles: Xbox One, Playstation 4
  • Gamertag: Gyomaekr

Current offline games

These are the current games I am playing to complete:

  • Zelda: A Link to The Past

Current online games

These are the games I'm currently playing a bunch online and with other people:

  • Flight Rising: Gyomaekr
  • PUBG: Xbox, Gyomaekr

Gaming Blog

My little ideas for a Final Fantasy VII sequel
I've been replaying my favourite game of all time; Final Fantasy VII. I replay it every few years because I ...
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How to mod Don't Starve on a Mac
I wrote this tutorial a while ago but things have since stopped working and tools I previously used are now ...
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IVAN & What makes 'Roguelikes' fun
Roguelikes are a sub-genre of RPG games. They are typically dungeon based, with either ASCII style graphics or very simple ...
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Kay's Final Fantasy XV Review and Rambling
Of all the things I geek out about, Final Fantasy is probably my favourite thing to spaz over. So as ...
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Retro Game Review: Toejam & Earl (1991)
Toejam & Earl (1991) So I'm staying up late with nothing to do for an hour or two, and it's ...
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