Digimon Movie Zine


“Digimons are forever” is a Digimon art fanzine dedicated to the first Digimon Movies. It will feature characters and scenes from the movie along with messages and thoughts on why we loved this series.

The first Digimon movies it will cover are:

  • Digimon Adventure
  • Our War Game!
  • Digimon Hurricane Touchdown

Which are the three segments making up the first full length Digimon movie.


  • The zine will be made in to both a PDF and a small run of a physical A5 version will be made.
  • The zine will consist of mostly full page artwork, but there will also be blurbs from artists featuring fond memories and why they love the series.
  • The zine will feature between 20-30 artists
  • The physical zine will be paid for by myself, because I’ve wanted to run a zine for so long, because of this it will be a small run, around 100 will be printed.
  • Profits will be donated to a UK tech charity. Because I don’t know about you, but Digimon fuelled a passion for tech in me, and it would be great to give back.
  • Selected artists will of course be sent a free copy of the zine.
  • Discord will be very preferable as it will be used to keep in touch with artists.


  • October 1st – Applications open
  • October 20th – Applications close
  • November 15th – First sketches due
  • End of December – Second drafts due
  • January 20th – Final piece due
  • End January – Zine sent to printers
  • Feb: Orders sent out

Register early interest

To register early interest in being part of the zine, fill in the below form and I will drop an email when applications open: