Here’s some information about commissions I offer. All commissions are set to be completed within a month. I am currently only offering single character commissions or wallpaper images. Images can be used anywhere providing a link to my site is given.

Wallpapers can be printed by commissioner providing they send me a picture to add to my site!

Thanks for looking

Single Character

Click for full view examples. Single character images are full body drawings which are coloured and shaded in the style above. They can have a simple background, or a transparent one.

Price: $20


Wallpaper commissions feature three chibi (simplified) drawings of your characters in different poses. Tiled on a background with filler items which can also be chosen by yourself.

Price: $30

Storybook Style Images

Chopin and Xar

Storybook style commissions are fully coloured and shaded large images with illustrated backgrounds. Characters are made simple and in a kid’s literature-like style.

Full price includes up to three characters on a simple-medium complexity background. For intricate background ideas please contact for an accurate quote.

Price: $70

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