Commercial Fabric Designs

This page is for information about my fabric pattern design commissions (for commercial use). In the past I have worked with outfitters and small creators to make custom fabric prints for them.



My fabric prints are infinitely tillable designs that you can use however you like. The price depends on the number of large assets on the fabric. For example the jungle piece in the gallery above features three large assets: the tiger, giraffe and monkey. The rest of the print is made up of simple filler items: leaves, tiki masks and fruit.

There are two prices for designs based on this:

Three assets: £70
Five assets: £100

What to expect

When you commission my I typically set a default lead time of up to a month, this might extend to two months for orders of multiple, detailed prints. Typically I complete artwork within two weeks, but if for any reason I am delayed I will let you know.

What you get

When the artwork is ready you will receive a .zip archive file with the following items:

  • Your fabric print in the original, full size format (.PNG)
  • Your fabric print in a small, digital friendly size (.PNG)
  • An example image of how the print looks when tiled (.PNG)
  • A file containing all the individual assets of the print so you can make your own designs with them (.PSD)
  • A vector friendly version of all the assets for maximum resize potential (.AI, .SVG)

My commercial print commissions are for use only to the client who has commissioned them, and they will not be re-used by myself nor any other client for any reason.

I may ask if I can use the art as an example for future clients, but I am happy for anyone to ask me not to do that, if you’d prefer to keep your art completely to yourself!

If you’re interested in this type of commission please contact me via email: