Xar the Dragon

Basic Stats

Name: Xar
Species: Dragon
Birthday: 5th July
Created: 2002
Age: 50 (adult, his species lives to 200)
Zodiac: Cancer
Magic: None
Familiar: Kline

Reference sheet: Here

Where to find him:

DCL: Xar is my most frequently used roleplay character in the writing forums I use.

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Xar is a typically happy and naive dragon who likes nothing more than exploring the great outdoors and making friends. He’s pretty dumb though, so will often accidentally find himself in danger.

He was raised by a dog, so has inherited some dog-like behaviour.

Chopin and Xar by Chunhee



  • Dogs
  • Climbing
  • Fruit
  • Friends
  • Swimming
  • Evil
  • Rudeness
  • Caves
  • Scary things
  • Mess


Xar is a hideously pink dragon (blame 12 year old Kay who made him) with a unique upbringing and story. He was raised by Kline (his small dog companion) because his parents went missing when he was still in his egg. As such Xar has a few strange habits which include scratching his head with his feet and he has a pretty good bark. He never learned how to breathe fire because he was three before he met any other dragons and by this time learning how to breathe fire was proving far too difficult. He can fly thanks to the help of the dragons he met during his childhood.

He’s very social and loves being around his friends, and as such gets lonely easily if he’s by himself. He’s a sucker for other abandoned creatures and has adopted some monsters and an abandoned baby dragon of his own, Corbyn. Kline continues to try and teach Xar that everyone else’s problems are nothing to do with him when he starts bringing in the whole forest to stay with him.


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