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DCL NYC 2018

Last month Terry and I went to New York, it was the second ‘official’ meet up for the DCL – the group of dragon fanatical friends I know/chat to from Neopets. We decided to try and do a meet up once every two years after the first one in Chicago. This time it was in New York. This is just a blog post so I can dump some pictures off my phone and talk about the rad time we had.

New York adventures!

Terry and I finally got ourselves back to New York city! It’s hard to believe the last time we visited was seven years ago! New York was the first place in the states we ever visited and the first reason we fell in love with America. 
I’m just gonna ramble about some of the stuff we got up to on the holiday, it nicely splits up into sections because of the way we did it. So, yeah, here we go!

Chicago / DCL Reunion 2016

So Terry and I went to Chicago over the last week to meet up with my DCL buddies. For those of you who don’t know that’s my Neopets/Fantasy writing group friends. We don’t really play or write much anymore but when we do it’s all about dragons and crap. We decided to have a meet up January last year and it finally came around. Also I’ll be referring to a few of them using their online names, since that’s what I know them as