Adventures at WordCamp Bristol 2017

Man this weekend has been rad. Siobhan, Tim and I travelled down to Bristol for their first WordCamp – and it was great! We were representing as usual and I did some speaking. Here’s what we got up to!

WordCamp Manchester 2016

So I’m feeling pretty restless after that episode of The Walking Dead so why not blog about the awesome weekend I had? This weekend the 34SPeeps went to WordCamp Manchester, and boy did we do it full force!

A very WordPress centric few weeks!

I did my first talk at MWUG last month. Man was it scary going up there and rambling to 50 or so people. Maybe it wasn’t quite 50, but it felt like a lotta people! Everyone was saying the fear will go away when you get up there and start talking, I didn’t find that, I was actually screaming internally most of the time.

Some rambling about my Fitbit Plugin

The main aim of this post is for my own reference so I vaguely recall the coding I’ve done over the past few days so I don’t forget it and can continue to develop this thing after a few days break from it.

WordCamp Brighton 2016 – Belated Blog

One of a few upcoming belated blog posts because of holidays and general procrastination on my site. A-hem. WordCamp Brighton happened last month! The 34SPeeps cruised down to Brighton on the Friday (22nd). Myself, Dan, Nina and Keith in one car. Joe, Siobhan and Wapuu were partying in another vehicle.

How to Start Translating WordPress in Ten Minutes

Since I’m helping out at WordPress Global Translation Day in Manchester this weekend, I figured I’d better learn a thing or two about what we’re looking to help with. It turns out that getting involved in translating WordPress isn’t as difficult or daunting as it sounds. All you need is language knowledge and a little bit of time.

An Invitation to WordPress Translation Day

This Sunday I shall be joining my colleagues and members of the WordPress community for Global WordPress Translation Day. The event itself is worldwide, however we have an event room booked for those who want to get involved locally to Manchester.