IVAN & What makes ‘Roguelikes’ fun

Roguelikes are a sub-genre of RPG games. They are typically dungeon based, with either ASCII style graphics or very simple pixel tile art. They tend to be turn based games with procedurally generated dungeon maps, random spawning items, weapons and skills.

Adventures at WordCamp Bristol 2017

Man this weekend has been rad. Siobhan, Tim and I travelled down to Bristol for their first WordCamp – and it was great! We were representing 34SP.com as usual and I did some speaking. Here’s what we got up to!

Self-learning and changing to a Technology-based career

Not so long ago Siobhan sent me a link to a local group of women who code. They were looking for a speaker who could give a talk on changing your career to a technology based one. I caught wind of this rather late, but I do feel like I have a lot to say on the subject, so that’s kind of what I’m doing now.

Controlling Phillips Hue Lights via Command Line

I have Phillips Hue lights. These are fun and I can do magic things with them, currently I’m trying to set them to hook up to my home monitor so they automatically switch on when I get home from work.

To do various testing and debugging with my Hue lights I use the command line on my computer to connect to the Hue bridge locally. I nearly lost the code I use so to save me routing around for it in the future here’s what I do:

WordCamp Manchester 2016

So I’m feeling pretty restless after that episode of The Walking Dead so why not blog about the awesome weekend I had? This weekend the 34SPeeps went to WordCamp Manchester, and boy did we do it full force!