Kay rambles about why Digimon Adventure is awesome

Over the past month or two I’ve been re-watching my favourite kid’s show of all time – Digimon. Anyone who knows me even slightly well knows I love this show. I started re-watching it because for the first time in the UK the series released a box set! I bought season one and two – the Digimon Adventure series.

All those belated blog posts!

Okay so I have a lot of images on my mobile, and I like to keep it pretty neat and tidy. The way I do that is by uploading images into blog posts, Twitter posts and Evernote. I have a gallery of images which I’ve been saving to write blogs about. It’s been so long for some of these I have decided to pump them out into one master post right now. These are just little fun days/interesting things which have happened to me recently, well, recently being in the past five months or so

Gameathon 2016 Blog

Yesterday was the 34SP.com 24 hour Gameathon! This year we were raising money for Shelter – a homeless charity here in the UK. The Gameathon was a huge success and everyone had a great time. Here are is a, hopefully pretty brief, breakdown of all the games we played and some highlights.

Chicago / DCL Reunion 2016

So Terry and I went to Chicago over the last week to meet up with my DCL buddies. For those of you who don’t know that’s my Neopets/Fantasy writing group friends. We don’t really play or write much anymore but when we do it’s all about dragons and crap. We decided to have a meet up January last year and it finally came around. Also I’ll be referring to a few of them using their online names, since that’s what I know them as

Quarterly life blog post type thing

I force myself to write personal blogs because I used to write them weekly when I was a teenager. Granted, teenage life is so much more exciting than late twenty life. That said, this year is about to get super exciting next week.