Art Dump – March/April

I have no idea what’s been wrong with me lately but I’ve been really… Unenthused about blogging. Which is lame, so here’s a belated art blog.

I have a lot of new art, which I’ll add to my gallery pages but here’s some stuff to show off anyhow:

Art Dumpage – February

Blogging is fun! I’ve been telling people that loads lately – so I should do it more. I never know what to write about over these art blog posts. I do look up like… Things to blog about, but they’re like boring personal chess things usually so never mind. I need a new geeky project that I can talk about. I will think on that.

Anyway, art:

January’s Art Dump

I’m taking a break from making slides (I’m talking at MWUG this week, woot!) to dump some art. I got a fancy-pants new laptop over the weekend so I’m all psyched to use it! It like, runs Photoshop AND OTHER PROGRAMS. At the same time. Wow. Yeah this upgrade was overdue.

Anyway, drawings.

Art Blog: Kay’s first Life Drawing class.

Okay so today I tried something totally new. I went to a Life Drawing class with Nina at the Nexus Art Cafe. As someone who typically draws cartoon animals I didn’t expect to enjoy the realistic fine art human type stuff. But it was actually a really good thing to do. In school/College all we ever did was fine art, so I used to be quite good at it. It just wasn’t what I was keen on so I ditched it for toony junk.

Art Dump – December & New Year Stuffs

I don’t really do New Year’s Resolutions anymore, just because I can feel it myself that I don’t have the will to stick to anything new right now. Not that I’m one of those grumps who hate on people for trying to better themselves, nope, make all the resolutions!

I’ve also drawn things, not loads of things lately but because I’ve been away from internet land for a while there’s a small back log. Here’s my drawings

November Art Dumpage

I haven’t really drawn a great deal over the past month, so this will be a disappointing blog for the most part. Real life and busy times suck, anyway, I did draw a few things. First off is this wallpaper which everyone has basically seen already now:

October Artiness

I thought I hadn’t drawn much in the past month but looking at my September submissions I’ve actually done a fair bit. Here’s some of my doodles from the last month!

September Art Dumpage

So I realised I’m naming my art dumps incorrectly, since I drew most of this throughout August. But I’m going to ignore that fact and just carry on. 😐 August was great for drawing! Because I only drew for myself. Lulz. Uh, yeah, I’m working on some stuff for stories I’ve written with DCL buddies and I’m also making some keyring of My [[AlbinoToons]] characters. So here’s some art from all that fun stuff!