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Happy New Year

‘Hey Kay, you’re late New Year started weeks ago’. Well, not for me it didn’t. I’ve had a freakin’ weird start to the year. I’ve been so incredibly ill over the holidays with some weird mutant flu. Like, I was up in the middle of the night with sore throats and coughs pretty much every day for a month.

The worst thing about being sick is it means I’ve had a month where I’ve literally done nothing, I’ve barely drawn, had briefer gaming sessions because voice chat was pain, and basically barely left the house. Honestly I can’t remember the last time I was so sick. On top of that our flat started falling apart with broken washers and fans (it wasn’t actually that bad or broken, but it was bad timing when we were sick) and some of my online friends having fights is actually the worst of the lot. So 

But, we’re starting to get over all that. Well, I’m better, flat is fixed and friends are… Hopefully getting there. So I can officially announce my 2018 had started.

On the agenda for this year I already have a bunch of holidays planned, well, the big one might get put back to next year because I totally want to go to Japan in October for my 30th, but if we can’t make it over comfortably by then, we might go in 2019 in April/May time which would be a nicer time to go anyway.

But things that are actually happening this year: DCL meet up 2018. The gang met up for the first time in Chicago 2016, and it was honestly the best holiday I’ve ever had. Most of the people there had met for the first time, despite us all having known each other since we were 12. This time we’re going to New York in June. We’ve already got the AirBNB picked out, we’re just waiting for confirmation that it’s booked then the rest of us can plan our way there.

I have a weekend in Wales with Terry and some of his work pals getting booked soon too, which should be fun. Terry did the same thing last year and it sounded really fun, so that’ll be good.  Smaller things I want to do include going to London again just because I love London and me and Dev have been trying hard to get Terry and Siobhan to spend a few days in the Lake District so we can go hill climbing. They hate the idea, but when summer comes back around we’ll be back on that.

I’ll also be attending WordCamps around the UK when I’m able to, I just need to finish my topics for this years talks. I was really pleased with my imagine optimisation talk by the end of last year so I’m hoping to find another topic I really enjoy covering and can cover in a similar depth. 

In non-travel stuff, I started drawing again after I got better, and churned out a few pictures I’m really pleased with:


The first image is of one of my own dragon characters, and the second is of one of my friend’s characters. I’ve been doing some doodles for the DCL group because they kept me happy and busy whilst I was poorly haha.

I don’t really have any resolutions this year, be healthier is one, but that’s off to a bad start. So yeah, none! No wait, yeah I do have one. I have a handful of half finished projects and if I say it’s a resolution I’ll feel bad if I don’t make a solid attempt at actually finishing some of them. To be worked on:

  • My buggy app needs to be debugged so it works properly.
  • I had what I think is a good story idea, so turning the nots into actual writing would be nice?
  • Pass your freakin’ exams Kay omg.
  • Finish my website, well, the design, the broken map and the links that go no where.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is supposedly out this year, let me double check how long I’ve been waiting for that game, wow, okay, 13 years since Kingdom Hearts 2 was out. I don’t think I realised it was quite that long. Square take way too long to release things. Expect me to be impossibly annoying on social media as that approaches though.

I really want to blog more too, I need to think of some junk to post here more. I’ll think about something that’s actually interesting at some point!

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Art Dump – Uh, May and June?

I’ve been really bad being enthused to blog lately. I’m not sure why. I think it’s because I’ve got SO much going on it became way too daunting to update this thing with all I’ve been up to. 

Currently I’ve got a bunch different personal projects on the go, including an app I’ve 95% completed but there’s a hella annoying bug in it I haven’t sussed yet. As well as that I’ve been doing this weird thing called having a life and I’ve been spending more time going outside, to concerts and generally not sitting at my computer. I hit a wall a few weeks ago where I was just exhausted and didn’t want to work on my projects in my spare time because I felt mentally drained and just wanted to sit and watch TV. 

So yeah, I guess I just feel like I’ve been doing too much lately, and at the same time not enough because I have a bunch half finished stuff I’m working on. But I’ve put everything on hold for the time being whilst I study for my Red Hat exam. Which is the main thing I want to get ticked off this year. I’m pencilled in for the exam early next month, so pretty much all spare time is currently devoted to studying for that. 

But, I felt the need to post art, because I have a few bits from the past few months to share.

Xar turned 15 recently so I’ve been drawing him a bunch. What else is new? I went to see The Killers and U2 over the weekend, they were both amazing. U2 were actually better than I thought they’d be. So I’m currently all ‘WOW’ over them. 

Okay, I think that’s all I got for now. Hopefully my next post won’t be ages away. 

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Art Dump – March/April

I have no idea what’s been wrong with me lately but I’ve been really… Unenthused about blogging. Which is lame, so here’s a belated art blog.

I have a lot of new art, which I’ll add to my gallery pages but here’s some stuff to show off anyhow:

The next few doodles are little cartoons I’m trying to find something to do with. I’m back doing AlbinoToons quite frequently, but I have these other colourful characters I want to pimp out. I basically just wanna tell really weird/dumb stories with them, and Instagram would be great from an art social network aspect, but I probably wanna throw a fair amount of text per image. So I’m trying to find a good way to do that, anyway, doodles:

I’ve got a bunch other blogs to post too, mostly holiday stuff. So keeping it short and sweet. Laters!