New Year’s Resolutions 2019

I’m excited for 2019, lots of good stuff is coming up this year! Kingdom Hearts 3 is officially out this month! Holy crap! It’s been, what? 14 years since Kingdom Hearts 2 came out? Woah, that means it was that long ago I was in College. I remember the day I got Kingdom Hearts 2.

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Kay’s Review of BBC’s Watership Down

I’ve been looking forward to the BBC’s take on Watership Down for a good two or so years before it came out, along with most of the Watershed Down Facebook fan group. So when we finally got the release date for over Christmas earlier this year that was rad! I watched the series on the

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Kay’s making a plush toy

Well maybe sorta. This is a blog post about my new project, coming soon, to Kickstarter because this is hella expensive to sort. Some of you might be familiar with my unicorn character. Her name is Positivity and she spreads super positive vibes to those around her. She’s features in a bunch of my drawings:

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