Manchester Comic Con was cool

So after an exhausting day playing around Blackpool on Saturday; Terry and I got up early to go to Manchester’s Comic Con. It was our first time going and we didn’t really know what to expect. It was really good though! For those of you (like myself) who have never been to a convention before;

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Art Blog: Xar Meets Polter

This is a piece for a story I was writing with Nicole. Two of our dragon characters who we write about loads are Xar and Polter. So we were discussing writing out a story of how they met. From there I started sketching up this little fantasy picture and ultimately it is one of my

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2011 Christmas Card Designs

I got this crazy idea in 2011 that it would be fun to make my own Christmas cards. So I drew two designs and printed them on high quality card along with some snazzy envelopes. It was the most time consuming, expensive little art idea I have had! First I had to get down my

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