Art Blog: Xar Meets Polter

This is a piece for a story I was writing with Nicole. Two of our dragon characters who we write about loads are Xar and Polter. So we were discussing writing out a story of how they met. From there I started sketching up this little fantasy picture and ultimately it is one of my

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2011 Christmas Card Designs

I got this crazy idea in 2011 that it would be fun to make my own Christmas cards. So I drew two designs and printed them on high quality card along with some snazzy envelopes. It was the most time consuming, expensive little art idea I have had! First I had to get down my

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Chicago 2010-2011

2011 started out pretty well! Me, Terry and Carl went to Chicago for New Year. America is so much better than England – The more I go the more I hate it here haha. We went to a club called The Elbo Room for the actual New Year’s Eve celebration. It had a free bar

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