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Art Dumpage – February

Blogging is fun! I’ve been telling people that loads lately – so I should do it more. I never know what to write about over these art blog posts. I do look up like… Things to blog about, but they’re like boring personal chess things usually so never mind. I need a new geeky project that I can talk about. I will think on that.

Anyway, art:

I’m really pleased with that first drawing, that lion has been drawn a bunch of times now. The creepy rabbit was just me playing, and then there’s obligatory Digimon fan art because the new episodes were released a few weeks ago.

I did a half decent watercolour image last month, it’s only a trading card size dragon, but the glitter and junk makes it look pretty nifty. Also wallpapers because I was psyched over the fabric print I got recently. I’ve drew some Wapuu stuff recently for work and Wordcamp Manchester but that’s all to be posted after stuff is public at said events.



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