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Art Dump – Uh, May and June?

I’ve been really bad being enthused to blog lately. I’m not sure why. I think it’s because I’ve got SO much going on it became way too daunting to update this thing with all I’ve been up to. 

Currently I’ve got a bunch different personal projects on the go, including an app I’ve 95% completed but there’s a hella annoying bug in it I haven’t sussed yet. As well as that I’ve been doing this weird thing called having a life and I’ve been spending more time going outside, to concerts and generally not sitting at my computer. I hit a wall a few weeks ago where I was just exhausted and didn’t want to work on my projects in my spare time because I felt mentally drained and just wanted to sit and watch TV. 

So yeah, I guess I just feel like I’ve been doing too much lately, and at the same time not enough because I have a bunch half finished stuff I’m working on. But I’ve put everything on hold for the time being whilst I study for my Red Hat exam. Which is the main thing I want to get ticked off this year. I’m pencilled in for the exam early next month, so pretty much all spare time is currently devoted to studying for that. 

But, I felt the need to post art, because I have a few bits from the past few months to share.

Xar turned 15 recently so I’ve been drawing him a bunch. What else is new? I went to see The Killers and U2 over the weekend, they were both amazing. U2 were actually better than I thought they’d be. So I’m currently all ‘WOW’ over them. 

Okay, I think that’s all I got for now. Hopefully my next post won’t be ages away. 

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