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Art Dump – March/April

I have no idea what’s been wrong with me lately but I’ve been really… Unenthused about blogging. Which is lame, so here’s a belated art blog.

I have a lot of new art, which I’ll add to my gallery pages but here’s some stuff to show off anyhow:

The next few doodles are little cartoons I’m trying to find something to do with. I’m back doing AlbinoToons quite frequently, but I have these other colourful characters I want to pimp out. I basically just wanna tell really weird/dumb stories with them, and Instagram would be great from an art social network aspect, but I probably wanna throw a fair amount of text per image. So I’m trying to find a good way to do that, anyway, doodles:

I’ve got a bunch other blogs to post too, mostly holiday stuff. So keeping it short and sweet. Laters!




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  1. I’ll be your white rabbit if you be my carrot

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