Art Blog: Summer Art Dump

I’ve not been up to anything really exciting recently. But I’ve drawn! I’ve drawn a whole bunch. So I’m going to dump a load of my art here in a second.
There’s been some changes to the site. Mostly, I have removed all the tech and coding articles. This is because I am making a new website for them alone, so they don’t get drowned out with my personal blog of garbage and artwork. I’ll post a link to it when it’s more developed.
Here’s a bunch of art I’ve done.
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The first two images are of new dragon characters I’ve been working on. Nicole and I have been writing and drawing together for weeks now and we’ve been coming up with some pretty good ideas. These two are currently unnamed, but will end up being related when I motivate myself to write a little story about them.
31280628923747.55d999980a661 b877cf28923747.55d999980b6aeI’ve been practicing with water colours and drawing humans. Mostly human children. These are two examples I was pretty pleased with.
The next image took me ages to finish; it’s a group drawing of mine, and my online friend’s dragon characters. There’s only a small group of us and I drew one character each. These are the girls I still write fairly regularly with. I ordered the print on some wrapping paper too, so that’ll look cool when it arrives.

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