Critters and Dragon Sketches for Friends

Dragon Sketches
This is an oldie but I’m still quite fond of it. These are just some quick character sketches for a few online friends, I particularly like Rose’s character Aire here (the white dragon with the bugs). Dragon sketches are always the most fun though, right?
We used to draw stuff like this on the DCL for each other all the time, me and the girls. I have an amazing amount of art of my character made by other people. Let’s see if I can remember character names here, From the top, going left to right we have: Nailumi, Wolfy, Togglesloo, Snowy, Aire, May and Madison. None of which are my characters here.
I haven’t done any pages of sketches for friends in a while, but finding this is my archives was a nice reminder that I really should start drawing for friends more again.

Author: Kay

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