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Adventures at WordCamp Edinburgh

So the WordPress team wandered up to Edinburgh over the weekend. Myself, Keith, Tim and Siobhan got the train up on Friday and stayed until Monday afternoon. Long weekend! It was rad though, here’s what we got up to:

We arrived early in the afternoon on Friday. Siobhan had booked us an AirBNB – I’m getting SO in to AirBNBs, by the way. Because it was nice to have this big four bed apartment to ourselves where we can hang around together, rather than having separate hotel rooms where you wander off to be on your own every evening. Instead we sat around having cups of tea and talking about the talks and people we spoke to at the event.

The event started early Saturday morning. I didn’t attend WordCamp Edinburgh last year, so it was my first one. I loved the venue – CodeBase was a really nice, relaxed space for the conference. It reminded me of our own Nexus Art Cafe in Manchester. Mostly because of all the beanbags and comfy comfy furniture, but with the plan to inspire techies. There were retro game machines and 1970’s Macintosh computers. I loved the space.

We put up our stand and on offer were some limited edition Wapuu stickers, notepads, pens and t-shirts. But importantly we were talking to people about our managed WordPress Hosting

I did talk on ‘Making WordPress fly with Jetpack‘  – which was well received by most of the people I spoke to, so that was pretty great. Tim did his practical security talk which is always a nice one to do – plenty of handy tips anyone can do to keep their sites safe.

Amongst the talks, was one I really, really enjoyed. Rachel Martin did a talk on ‘Blogging as therapy’ where she spoke about how using her site to blog about a traumatic event in real life helped her cope. It was nice to see a talk more aimed around just blogging, and blogging because you enjoy it. Also writing when times are tough is something I enjoyed hearing about, because I do a whole bunch of creative writing when I’ve got stuff on my mind. So yeah it was just a really interesting and relatable talk.

There were some great restaurants around Edinburgh. Most notably was Loudons Cafe. This was recommended to us by another WordCamper as a great place to get Breakfast. It was amazing! I had French Toast one day and fruit pancakes another. Loved it there! We were also well catered for by the WordCamp itself – loads of sandwiches and nibbles at the after party. I ate too much this weekend. But it’s okay.

On the way home from WordCamp Edinburgh I was feeling a little mischievous. Out hotel was situated right beside Edinburgh Castle, which is situated on a hill. So every time we saw the castle (a freakin’ lot!) I kept singing Ed Sheeran’s ‘Castle on the hill’ song. Siobhan was kinda losing her mind. So in our boredom Keith and I set up a script on my laptop to auto-send her random Ed Sheeran lyrics. It quickly got turned off when she turned around and gave me the death stare. Fun, though!

Overall I had a great weekend. WordCamp Edinburgh was really well organised, and felt really relaxed. We chatted to some really nice members of the community, who I hope so see again next year!


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