Back to blogging

I told myself I was gonna get my blog back up before the year’s out and here’s a thing. 

I’ve been trying to get back in to blogging for a while, for some reason I completely fell off with it, I’d been pretty bitty on it for a while but just kind of completely halted a few years ago.

There’s a few reasons, back when I initially fell off I was really frustrated with Gutenberg as a blogging tool, I didn’t really wanna sit there bitching about it because I do think the block editor is more of an improvement than a step back for WordPress. Initially I found it MASSIVELY slowed down how long it takes for me to write a blog post, all these block building distractions.

I was also having weird feelings of everything my site was, it was my personal blog, work blog, art blog and side-gig blog, and I was going through a phase of being weirdly self-conscious about the clash. 

I don’t know why really like maybe 5 people tops would read one of my posts, but I figured I would tear-down my main blog, make it a front for arty things and begin making new blogs for all my different interests.

Terrible idea, you know what’s a bad idea? Making four blogs when you struggle to update one weekly. 

So, I’m going back to what I used to do; personal blog just talk crap about anything and everything I feel like. Mostly I miss info-dumping hobby stuff, but I also have homeowner mishaps, travel photos and rants and raves about things I wanna do.

We’ll see how it goes but yeah here’s a new blog.

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