2011 Christmas Card Designs

I got this crazy idea in 2011 that it would be fun to make my own Christmas cards. So I drew two designs and printed them on high quality card along with some snazzy envelopes.
It was the most time consuming, expensive little art idea I have had! First I had to get down my Christmas card design ideas. Christmas card designs are hard! I went to Paperchase nearly every day for a week sourcing expensive, high quality card and getting fancy envelopes. I had to stay back late in work to print them out in quality colour. I had originally planned to make so many more designs than I had but it was just so much work. I haven’t done this since haha.
I think I ended up spending nearly £30 on the stuff and I didn’t send them out to many people. Haha nevertheless I liked the designs I made. I just don’t think I would be rushing to make these anytime again soon.
2014 Edit: Upon checking back at my Christmas Card Designs, I’m starting to think it may be time to make some more. This time though I might not actually print them myself, I’ll look for something like Vista Print to do the real hard work.

Author: Kay

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